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Who are you people?

Retro Affect in its current state is the story of three young gentlemen on a metaphysical spiritual journey to make video games. We're surrounded by the inspirational landscape of Meredith, NH. We are fueled simply by the desire and need to create (and Eggo Waffles.)


Master Gentleman of Design

Kyle was born into a world of plumbers, gorillas, space ships, lasers, guts, and determination. Raised with a controller in his hands, he knew that one day his destiny would lead him down the inevitable path of video game development.

Starting with a copy of Klik & Play at a very young age, the rest is history. He exploded/stumbled onto the indie scene with the old school hard core platformer Bonesaw: The Game. He later followed up with two smaller titles Active 2 and Verge. After all of that, he created Jottobots for the ARTxGAME collective.

In the year 2008, he was covertly working on a game called Snapshot. It was a collaborative effort with Peter Jones, and it ended up snagging a nomination in the 11th Annual IGF. As a result, he co-founded Retro Affect with Pete and Dave!


Software Neurosurgeon

Out of the depths of lost memory and stray pointers, David has been flipping bits since co-founding Retro Affect. David's main focus is to build the Retro Affect Engine, which is being used to make the full version of Snapshot. In addition to engine programming, he is in charge of supporting any needed gameplay features.

Previous to his work at Retro Affect, David has spent close to three years designing and developing server systems for MMOs, with a focus on gameplay. Items, inventory, combat, vendors, AI - you name it.

David originally met Pete and Kyle at Clarkson University, where he earned a BS in Computer Science.



Wil Whitlark is a master of all things musical. He can take a seat behind any set of keys and manifest melodies of pure magnificance. Wil provided the soundtrack for Snapshot, and he did an amazing job.


Jordan Fehr is a sorcerer of sound. He can create any waveform he desires by etching it onto a solid steel plate with the sheer force of his spirit. The sound effects in Snapshot are a result of this process.


Dr. Jones was once a core team member of the Retro Affect squad, but now he has gone to pursue other opportunities. Like a cowboy riding into the sunset, Peter has left us with his art and animation work in Snapshot.


Jonathan Grzybowski is a maestro of motion. Through the strokes of his pencil and the clicks of his mouse he breathes life into the world around him. Some animation in Snapshot was a result of this power.


A mysterious figure from beyond the void, the entity known only to us as "The Janitor" has been responsible for a lot of the code clean up in Snapshot. Nobody knows the true indentity of this formidable code slinger.


Twitchy Thumbs are mercanaries in the wild world of game development. Armed with incredible coding credentials, they've joined forces with Retro Affect to fully realize Snapshot on various non PC Platforms.

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Retro Affect LLC
28 Lang Street
Meredith NH 03253

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