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Kyle Pulver
With Game Developers Conference just around the corner at 2 weeks away, we've been working on putting together some little promotional materials for Snapshot. We're printing 3 different 4 x 6 postcards this year, each with a different image on the back. Here are some little sneak previews of what the art on each card looks like.




Be sure to try and find us at GDC if you want to grab one of these super amazing hand painted (in Photoshop) images immortalized in the form of ink on paper. Any true collector of Snapshot memorabilia should have at least 20 of each. We've had these cards appraised and we expect each one to be worth millions by the year 2844.

If you can't make it to GDC, we'll probably figure out something to do with these things once the conference is over, but for those who can make it: See you at GDC!
Kyle Pulver
Through the tubes of the internet my global game jam game Depict1 has reached all the way out to Bytejacker, an awesome indie games centric internet video show.


The game was featured in the Free Indie Rapid Fire for this week, so that means it's up for voting in the Free Indie of the Week as well! So if you really liked Depict1, then you can go show your love by voting for it right here on the right side of the page.

It's kind of awesome how far this little 48 hour game has gone.
Kyle Pulver
This past weekend Retro Affect hosted a Global Game Jam location for the great city of Gilbert, Arizona. Think Phoenix if you don't know what a Gilbert is. It was a great time filled with friends, games, and jam. Raspberry jam... LONESTAR!.

So I proudly present to the world the game that I created in 48 hours. (6 of those hours were spent sleeping.)

I don't actually want to give too much away about the game, so hopefully that screenshot will entice you enough to give it a whirl. It works on Windows platforms, but should run well enough on OSX with one of those fancy run-windows-programs applications.

This was created from nothing using Game Maker 8. The Game Jam actually started at 5pm on Friday, and I spent a majority of that night brainstorming with the other jammers. An idea for a game that uses a tutorial to deceive the player came up, and I thought it would be a cool idea to pursue.

Saturday was spent making every single component for the game that I could, and Sunday was spent making all 30 (!) levels that are in the game. I also asked a good friend of mine Alec Holowka to pitch in for music, and like a true hero he always delivers.

Oh, and I totally did not sleep between Saturday and Sunday. In fact, right now while writing this blog post I have been awake for 34 hours. And hey, look at this! It was featured on Indie Games Blog!

I would love to hear any feedback about the game, so if you have any be sure to drop a comment in the form below.
Kyle Pulver
...and I'm here to explain why!

We're working really really hard on Snapshot, and sometimes we just forget that we have an awesome website to update. So far we haven't shown any media involving the new version of the game. We have a single screenshot currently posted on the site, but for now that's all we want to reveal. I know, the prototype trailer released last year is getting a little old, but I think you'll be happy once we start revealing what we've been working on.

You see, these things just cannot be rushed. We need to make Snapshot as good as we can possibly make it, and well, these things take time. Eventually we will get to the point where we will want to show off more and more of the game, but for now we'll just have to keep our faithful readers on the edge of their seats.

I know things have been unusually quiet, and some are beginning to question "Where did Snapshot go? Is it vaporware?! Was it abandoned?" Fear not, my internet brethren, Snapshot is alive in well in our hearts and in the computers at the Retro Affect studio. So while you wait patiently to find out what exactly has been going on with Snapshot, you should go play some other amazing indie games, like Captain Forever for example. Or how about some Blurst games to hold you over? And even check out the upcoming gravity platformer vvvvvv!

That's all I've got for you for now, so keep your eyes peeled, and at some point in the coming weeks we will have some new Snapshot stuff to reveal to the world!
Kyle Pulver
Whoa look at that! It's a brand spanking new website for Retro Affect. The old one was just a place holder until we actually had something to show, and that time has finally come. The site is still a little bit of a work in progress with some bugs here and there, so it may take a little bit longer to iron those out. But anyway...

We submitted the current version of Snapshot to this year's Independent Games Festival. Last year, the prototype of Snapshot (built in Multimedia Fusion 2) was nominated in the IGF under the category of Excellence in Design. That nomination is the very reason that Retro Affect exists, and is the reason behind Snapshot's current development.

We didn't win, (oh well!) but we saw a great opportunity in Snapshot. If it was nominated in the IGF, it must be pretty darn good -- right? At the 2009 IGF, it was decided that we were going to put down whatever we were doing at the time and kick Snapshot into high gear. At the time it was just Peter and myself that worked on the prototype, and neither of us have the brains to work on a full fledged game, but we knew someone that did...

Enter Dave, who has assumed the role of lead master programmer extraordinaire. Dave was living in Phoenix, AZ, and we decided that Phoenix would be the best location for our mission. So a month after Game Developers Conference in 2009, we were all together! The three of us together are... Retro Affect! (Imagine us striking poses now.)

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